I am not here for your entertainment

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We’re tired of being objectified. We’re not here to look pretty, act modest or make you comfortable. If our pure existence challenges you, then the problem isn’t with us. We’re tired of dressing sexy, but not too revealing. We’re tired of wearing stupid bra’s because you’re so used to sexualize our bodies that we have to hide it. Cat-calls are still not a compliment. Oh, and no, we’re not dating women for you to love lesbians in porn but hate on us in public.


Why you’ll LOVE our bags:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • 100% ethically produced. Exploiting FLINTA* in economically poorer countries
    to uplift them in others is not something we support.
  • GOTS certified
  • FAIR TRADE certified
  • Washable at 30°C
  • Printing inks are water-based and ecologically degradable
  • Unique & fashionable design
  • Secure Payment

All BAD BITCH bags are shipped without plastic and minimal packaging to keep the environmental impact low.

With every purchase 3€ are donated to the Austrian Red Cross to help people in or from Ukraine.

4 Bewertungen für I am not here for your entertainment

  1. Dani

    High quality bag with a high quality statement! I am woman, hear me roar! 😍

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  2. Anna

    Great quality! Love this bag and statement!

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  3. Laura

    Mega coole, trendige und nachhaltige Taschen, wo man die Qualität echt merkt! Nicht vergleichbar mit herkömmlichen Stofftaschen – Echt toll!

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  4. Julia

    Really good quality and with a cool statement. I really like the material as well – it’s thicker than that of most other tote bags, so I’m sure the bag will last me a long time 🙂

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