BAD BITCH Starter Pack

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These BAD BITCH bags are the perfect statement to make yourself heard. It’s 2022 and we still suffer from the patriarchy, a system so deeply routed in our culture many hardly ever recognize how a majority of people are being held down. However, we’re not accepting to be paid less, to get cat-called or to be told we’re asking for it when we’re wearing a skirt. We’re not here to look pretty, act modest or make you comfortable. If our pure existence challenges you, then the problem isn’t with us. We’re tired of wearing stupid bra’s because you’re so used to sexualize our bodies that we have to hide it. Oh, and no, we’re not dating women for you to love lesbians in porn but hate on us in public. And we’re definitely not ashamed of our bodies. We’re having periods and if you’ve ever been dealing with cramps, pain, bloody underwear, complete exhaustion, PMS or even endometrioses, you know the struggle. Make sure to wear your BAD BITCH bag that nicely asks people to fuck off without actually telling them… It makes your life easier, I promise.


1x Let’s smash the patriarchy
1x I am not here for your entertainment
1x FUCK OFF I’m in pain

Why you’ll LOVE our bags:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • 100% ethically produced. Exploiting FLINTA* in economically poorer countries
    to uplift them in others is not something we support.
  • GOTS certified
  • FAIR TRADE certified
  • Washable at 30°C
  • Printing inks are water-based and ecologically degradable
  • Unique & fashionable design
  • Secure Payment

All BAD BITCH bags are shipped without plastic and minimal packaging to keep the environmental impact low.

With every purchase 3€ are donated to the Austrian Red Cross to help people in or from Ukraine.


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